STONE Capital Partners GmbH

STONE Capital Partners GmbH ("StoneCap Partners") is an investment platform founded in 2019 for real estate companies with headquarters in Frankfurt.

As joint venture partners, TTL AG and the Rockstone Real Estate Group, an independent owner-managed company for development and value-added real estate, each hold a 50 percent stake in StoneCap Partners.

StoneCap Partners supports real estate entrepreneurs and invests in high-yield real estate projects in A and B locations in Germany. The focus is on investments in value-added real estate, project developments and privately held real estate companies with project volumes of between EUR 20 million and EUR 200 million and an investment term of 18 to 36 months.

StoneCap Partners structures individual financing concepts and provides both equity and mezzanine financing for the respective investments. The mezzanine capital for the transactions is provided by Stone Capital Finance Partners GmbH & Co. KG, another joint venture company founded by TTL and the Rockstone Group.


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