DIC Capital Partners (Europe) GmbH / Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group

TTL holds a 15.06 percent stake in DIC Capital Partners (Europe) GmbH and regularly generates dividend payments and management fees from this investment.

DIC Capital Partners (Europe) GmbH is the anchor shareholder of Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group, which controls more than 30% of DIC Asset AG, which is listed in the SDAX.

-German Immobilien Chancen AG & Co. KGaA (Deutsche Immobilien Chancen), founded in Frankfurt in 1998, is a strategic management holding company specialising in investments in the German commercial real estate market. With its investment approach and focus on the German market, it is one of the leading and most successful German companies in this market segment.

The Deutsche Immobilien Chancen Group generates its income primarily through equity investments.

It operates in several business segments. Through its equity interest in the listed company DIC Asset AG, it invests, among other things, in portfolio properties that generate ongoing, long-term secure rental income and in a growing real estate management platform in order to further expand its fund and third-party business in the German commercial real estate market. At the same time, Deutsche Immobilien Chancen holds joint venture interests in project developments.

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  • DIC, which specialises in commercial real estate, is one of the leading German listed property developers. With around 20 years of experience and six locations, the company is represented in all major German markets and manages 173 properties with a market value of around EUR 7.3 billion.

    DIC Asset AG has been listed on the SDAX since June 2006 and is represented in the international EPRA index of the most important real estate companies in Europe.

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